Welcome to the Menteer Platform

Menteer is a clean, extensible web-based platform that effortlessly matches mentors and mentees in your organization.

It features robust administrative tools that let you track your users’ progress.

Menteer Platform is… mentorship, simplified.

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How It Works

Step 1. We work with you to identify the scope and needs of your mentorship program

Step 2. We work together to price out a customized version of Menteer, with features tailored to your organization

Step 3. We build your customized Menteer Platform, and offer training to your staff and participants (if you like). We can host the website for you on our speedy 100% Canada-based cloud servers, too.

Why Menteer Platform?

Key Benefits That Set Us Apart

Goodbye paper forms, hello Menteer

Sick of spending hours sifting through tons of paperwork? Menteer does the sorting and matching for you, so you can focus on adding value to your company

Low cost, high performance

We built Menteer from the ground-up using open source tools. This allows us to keep costs down and offer a robust, evolving feature set

Business in practice, Nonprofit at heart

Menteer is developed by Career Skills Incubator, a grassroots nonprofit organization based in Toronto, Canada. With Menteer, you get a top quality product while also supporting social good

Our Customers

Some of the clients we’ve built customized versions of Menteer for include:

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